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  • Gare de Limoges-Benedictin, arguably one of France's finest rail stations

    Rail travel has always appealed to me both as a connection to the past, and as a way to enjoy time suspended through a passing landscape. Unlike Americans, the French are also tying rail travel to the future in a big way with their 220 mph trains. Each journey starts and finishes in some France's finest structures. Whether it be small modest buildings, grand monuments from the belle epoque, or modernist TGV stations with a whimsical form, French "gares" are among the great unsung tourist attractions of this gallic land. The project has been published as a book in France.

  • Gare de Le Treport, Normandy, France

    A Bay and Cliffs flank the Gare de Le Treport in the Coastal Normandy town.

  • Gare de Rouen at dusk

    Dusk settles over the Gare de Rouen in Normandy, France.

  • Gare TGV de St Exupery, Lyon Airport

    A train arrives at the famed Gare de St. Exupery adjacent to the airport in Lyon, France.

  • Gare Rochefort sur Mer

    Passengers arrive at Gare Rochefort sur Mer, a resort town on France's west coast near La Rochelle.

  • Gare de Tours, France

    A cat struts in front of the Gare de Tours in Central France.

  • Decorative frieze Gare de Limoges, France

    A decorative frieze points the way for passengers leaving Gare de Limoges in the central France city.

  • Gare de Royat Chalambieres

    A regional train arrives at Gare Royat Chalambieres, a resort city near Clermont Ferland gateway to France's rural Massive Central region.

  • Gare de Bellegarde, France

    The Platform at Gare de Bellegarde in the Alpine French city, displays beautiful colors, a belle ligne, and provides a point of departure.

  • Interior Gare de Limoges-Benedictin

    Interior view of the ceiling at Gare de Limoges-Benedictin, a unique station in the Central French city known worldwide for its porcelain.

  • Gare de Strasbourg

    Passengers arrive at Gare de Strasbourg in the eastern French city. In the background stained glass windows give the aura of a cathedral. At the dawn of French rail travel during the 1850's, People held train stations in near religious ways. One well known poet of the time, Theopile Gauthier, went as far as to dub the country's Gares as "Cathedrals of the new humanity."

  • Gare de Lens, France

    Travelers purchase tickets at the gichet in the Gare de Lens, famed for its art deco style architecture.

  • Gare de Dinan, France

    Travelers wait in the lobby at the Gare de Dinan in Brittany, France. Behind them is a mural showing a map of all towns in the region served by trains.

  • Gare de Marseilles St. Charles

    Passengers walk towards their train under the Gare de Marseille's Marquise as the morning unfolds at dawn.

  • Swimwear ads, Gare de Lyon, Paris

    Ads sporting swimwear frame the "marquise" or man hallway at Gare de Lyon in Paris.

  • Gare de Le Treport, Normandy, France

    Two youngsters wave goodbye at the Gare Le Treport on the Normandy Coast in France.

  • Gare de Valence TGV

    A train arrives at the Gare de Valence TGV.

  • Computerized Ticket Machine Gare de Nimes

    An Arab man walks through catacomb-like hallways at the Gare de Nimes, France. In the background rests a computerized ticket machine.

  • Train map, Gare de Lizy sur Ourcq.

    The Gare de Lizy sur Ourcq is reflected in a Paris regional rail map for passengers in this northern French town.

  • Departing Lover, Gare de Lyon, Paris

    A frequent moment at the Gare de Lyon, one lover leaves, but not before a kiss on the hand.

  • Conductors-Gare de l'Est, Paris.

    Conductors Franck Droesbeke (above) and Jean-Claude Nourrin talk before their train leaves Gare de l'Est in Paris.

  • Gare de Dax

    A Chef de Gare directs the coupling of two TGV trains at the Gare de Dax in Southwest France.

  • Gare de St. Omer during World War II

    Joelle Demol holds a photo taken by her father of the Gare St. Omer in Northern France after German bombing in World War Two.

  • Metro Entrance, Gare de St. Lazarre, Paris

    Passengers exit through a Metro entrance of the Gare de St. Lazarre in Paris.

  • Ghost Train passes Nouvel Avricourt, France

    A "ghost train" passes the Nouvel Avricourt station in eastern France. The station was a mainstay in the early 20th century. It has been closed for decades.