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  • Ghost of Good Times book cover

    South Louisiana Dance Halls: Several years ago, I teamed up with South Louisiana writer Herman Fuselier to do a book entitled Ghosts of Good Times about south Louisiana dance halls. We focused on those venues still open as well as the ones closed but still standing, a world fading fast from the cultural landscape here.

  • Otto Club Loreauville, LA
  • Last Night for Hamilton Club, Lafayette, LA
  • Hamilton Club at dawn in Lafayette, LA
  • Hamilton Club Interior
  • Bourques Club Sign Lewisburg, LA
  • Bourque's Club exterior Lewisburg, LA
  • Bourques Club interior, Lewisburg, LA
  • Magnolia Hall Vacherie, LA
  • Richard's Club Lawtell, LA
  • Richard's Club Bar
  • Tables and Fan at Slims Y Ki Ki in Opelousas, LA
  • Slims Yi Ki Ki Stage Opelousas, LA
  • Lakeview Club Eunice, LA
  • Tables and Chairs at French Club, Leonville, LA
  • Holiday Lounge Mamou
  • Holiday Lounge Interior Mamou
  • Holiday Lounge Dance Floor Mamou, LA
  • Dancers at El Sido's in Lafayette, LA
  • Sherelle Chenier Andre Thierry At Clifton ChenierCLub in Loreauville, LA

    Sherelle Chenier Andre Thierry At Clifton Chenier birthday party club at Clifton Chenier Club.

  • Whiskey River Club Parking Lot Henderson, LA