Queue 'Portfolio-Voyages'

  • Morning sun breaks through a mist along the Natchez-Trace Parkway near its southern entrance at Natchez, MS.

    Distant Horizons: I like nothing more that to put car and camera on the road in search of distant horizons, to capture the sense of each place with telling images, portrayals of small worlds far from home.

  • Enjoying the Amrak run along the New River in West Virginia
  • West Texas Landscape

    A Beaked Yucca Plant rises above highways, fencing, and trains on the West Texas Prairie.

  • Avenue of the Giants, Northern California

    Redwoods still abound in northern California. Groves are found in a variety of hidden places protected by the chain saws of commerce. In fact along the old two lane route U.S. 101, one can drive amongst the trees for miles with plenty of stops for walking in groves. This photo is a case in point. The two lane road has been replaced by a four lane highway nearby.

  • Times Square New York

    A policeman stands guard in New York's Times Square.

  • Gare de Bellegarde, France

    The Platform at Gare de Bellegarde in the Alpine French city, displays beautiful colors, a belle ligne, and provides a point of departure.

  • Gare de Strasbourg

    Passengers arrive at Gare de Strasbourg in the eastern French city. In the background stained glass windows give the aura of a cathedral. At the dawn of French rail travel during the 1850's, People held train stations in near religious ways. One well known poet of the time, Theopile Gauthier, went as far as to dub the country's Gares as "Cathedrals of the new humanity."

  • Departing Lover, Gare de Lyon, Paris

    A frequent moment at the Gare de Lyon, one lover leaves, but not before a kiss on the hand.

  • Gare de Tours, France

    A cat struts in front of the Gare de Tours in Central France.

  • Leaping Cat, Key West, FL

    A cat leaps through a flaming hoop at sundown as part of performance for folks visiting Key West, FL.

  • Texas Sky, Exxon Gas

    Texas is famous for numerous things. Add to the list the amazing sunsets in the Lone Star State

  • Fireworks Dodger Stadium Los Angeles, CA
  • tourguide Globe Theater, London, UK
  • Trafargar Square, London, UK
  • Souvenir Stand London, UK
  • Georg Washington Statue in Chicago
  • Chicago River and Skyscrapers
  • Magnificent Mile, Chicago, IL
  • Wrigley Building at Chicago River
  • Jesus Sign, East Texas
  • Louisiana Highway One
  • Ghost Train passes Gare de Nouvel Avricourt, France

    A "ghost train" passes the Nouvel Avricourt station in eastern France. The station was a mainstay in the early 20th century. It has been closed for decades.

  • Champage/Urbana Amtrak Station
  • Monhegan Island, ME
  • Sun up at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.
  • Civil War Cannon Vicksburg, MS
  • Holocaust Memorial, Berlin Germany

    The Holocaust Memorial rests just outside the Brandenburg Gates.