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  • Nathez-Trace Parkway at Sunrise

    Morning sun breaks through a mist along the Natchez-Trace Parkway near its southern entrance at Natchez, MS.

  • Cape Cod Walk

    Two women enjoy a walk on a rural Cape Cod road.

  • Touching the Shoe of John Harvard, Cambridge, MA

    A young tourist touches the shoe of Harvard University Founder John Harvard, in Harvard Yard while workers prepare the American Flag for raising, in Cambridge, MA.

  • Veritas Hotel, Cambridge, MA

    Curved Windows help define the elegant look of these Victorian era buildings in Cambridge, MA

  • Old State House. Boston, MA

    The Old State House in Boston, MA is dwarfed by office buildings from newer eras.

  • Tom Hicks, Key West Deckhand

    Tom Hicks, deckhand for the Key West, FL harbor pilot strikes a piratesque pose after dropping off passengers who missed their cruise liner.

  • Leaping Cat, Key West, FL

    A cat leaps through a flaming hoop at sundown as part of performance for folks visiting Key West, FL.

  • Avenue of the Giants, Northern California

    Redwoods still abound in northern California. Groves are found in a variety of hidden places protected by the chain saws of commerce. In fact along the old two lane route U.S. 101, one can drive amongst the trees for miles with plenty of stops for walking in groves. This photo is a case in point. The two lane road has been replaced by a four lane highway nearby.

  • Ft. Bragg, CA Harbor

    A fishing boat enters Ft Bragg's natural harbor along the Northern California coast.

  • West Texas Landscape

    A Beaked Yucca Plant rises above highways, fencing, and trains on the West Texas Prairie.

  • Marfa, Texas

    A frieght train passes through downtown Marfa, TX. The Presidio County Courthouse can be seen in the background.

  • The Road to Terlingua, TX

    The road goes on forever towards Terlingua, TX.

  • Cemetery, Terlingua, TX

    An old Spanish Cemetery sees the first light of day reflected in the clouds in Terlingua, TX.

  • Painted Favella, Pachuca, MX

    In the San Juan Tizahuapan neighborhood, a mural by Eleazar Garcia covers a hillside of houses in Pacheco Mexico.

  • Outdoor Cafe in Huasca, Mexico

    Women make tortillas in an outdoor cafe in Huasca, Mexico.

  • Birthday Serenade, Huasca MX

    A NorteƱo Band serenades Amelia Torres on her 93rd birthday while family and friends gather, near Huasca, MX

  • Child Vendor, Oaxaca, MX

    A young girl sells book marks on the streets of Oaxaca, Mexico.

  • Guanajuato, Mexico

    Guanajuato, Mexico is a United Nations Heritage site and one of the most beautiful cities in North America.

  • Shrine to Our Lady of Guadeloupe, Mexico City, MX

    The painting of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, that came about from a dream, is on display at the Shrine to our Lady of Guadeloupe in Mexico City.

  • Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

    Mother and Child walk across the rain soaked plaza outside the Museo Anthropologico in Mexico City.

  • Temple of the Sun, Teotuhuacan, Mexico

    Young boys horse around at the Temple of the Sun at Teotuhuacan, Mexico.

  • Xochilmilco Canal, Mexico City

    A floating mariachi band performs for partyers and passersby on Mexico City's famed Xochilmilco Canals.

  • Carnaval Parade in Gaudeloupe.

    One unauthorized group of independence minded nudists walks past another group waiting in line for the carnaval parade to start in Basseterre, Guadeloupe.

  • Menu to a Kiss, Paris

    A young couple enjoys a meal and each other at Left Bank cafe in Paris.

  • Partying graduates, Svendborg, Denmark

    Graduates from the local gymnasium (academic high school) celebrate while riding a tractor wagon through Svendborg, Denmark.

  • Painting Danish Church, Oure, Fyn

    A man paints the exterior walls of a historic church in Oure on the island of Fyn, Denmark.

  • Art Museum, Faaborg, Denmark

    Lone Andreasen holds her son Lis in front of a painting commemorating the 1910 grand opening of the Faaborg Museum in the small fishing village in Denmark.

  • Ginger and Fred as Architecture

    After the fall of the Iron Curtain, architect Frank Gehry designed a building to symbolize a new European sensibility in Prague. As one can see the structure resembled two dancers, hence the nick name Fred and Ginger. The building may be waltzing, but life goes on otherwise.

  • Galeries Lafayette, Berlin, Germany

    The black hole shopping? Hardly. Galeries Lafayette store in central Berlin is an architectural wonder.

  • Anti Nuclear March, Berlin, Germany

    Folks march in anti nuclear demonstration in Berlin, Germany.

  • Faces in Metal at Holocaust Museum, Berlin

    An art installation depicting victims at the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Berlin.

  • Holocaust Memorial, Berlin Germany

    The Holocaust Memorial rests just outside the Brandenburg Gates.

  • Love Locks Brooklyn Bridge, New York.

    Word on the street, if a couple puts a padlock on a railing of the Brooklyn Bridge, it is good for the romance. Sadly, maintenance folks, have to periodically remove them, because of the weight.

  • Texas Sky, Exxon Gas

    Texas is famous for numerous things. Add to the list the amazing sunsets in the Lone Star State