Queue 'Portfolio-Grass Roots'

  • An Egret lands, twig in grasp, on the rookerie at Avery Island for a nest she is building.

    Grass Roots and the Hand of Man: I have always been attracted to those moments when nature’s grass roots interact with the hand of man and the creative process, be it art or architecture. Grass roots can also connote a sense of community; the hand of man in turn is what a community constructs. Grass roots and hand of man can seem like different ideas; yet I strive to create images that illustrate how the concepts blend.

  • Light illuminates a setting at Parlange Plantation near New Roads, LA.

    Light illuminates a setting at Parlange Plantation near New Roads, LA.

  • Franklin, LA Street Lights

    Street lights in Franklin, LA illuminate the Spanish Moss hanging of Live Oak trees that flank the popular avenue off the town's main street (also LA 182).

  • Canoe run on Vermilion River Lafayette, LA
  • Rice Field in rural Lafayette parish, LA

    Reflection of sky in Rice field

  • Migratory Birds in Rice Field

    Migratory birds scatter across a rice field near Rayne, LA to feed.

  • Flora and Fuana in Lafayette, LA neighborhood.
  • Pastel Row Houses Lafayette, LA
  • Bayou Teche at Parks, LA aerial view

    A drone view of Bayou Teche and Parks, LA

  • St. Luke Baptist Church, Chackbay, LA

    St. Luke Church was built near Chackbay, LA in the 1880's by former slaves from several local plantations between Thibodaux and Chackbay. The church remained active until the 1950s.

  • The Fisher Performing Arts Center at Bard College, New York

    The Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College in New York State. The building was designed by Frank Gehry and features his trademark curved metal skin.

  • The "Real" Evangeline Oak, St Martinville, LA

    A virgin Mary statue rests on a Corinthian column by what local St. Martinville folks call the "real" Evangeline Oak, the tree associated with Longfellow's poem about a fictional character named "Evangeline". This tree is around the corner from the "official" Evangeline Oak which tourists see when visiting St. Martinville. For the record, there have been two previous Evangeline Oaks, both of which met their demise, one by lightning and the other when Bayou Teche flooded. History and myth can get blurry.

  • Evangeline Statue St Martin de Tours Church, St. Martinville, LA

    The famed statue of Longfellow's heroine Evangeline is situated behind the St. Martin de Tours Church.

  • Elemore Morgan painting on South LA Landscape

    Famed South Louisiana landscape painter Elemore Morgan Jr. works out in the state's SW prairie. The painter, who died in 2008, articulated the spirit of the prairie using a palette of bright colors.

  • Elemore's Prairie

    This photograph of a nearly dry rice field waiting to be flooded for planting was taken in the South Louisiana prairie. I was out there to photograph Louisiana artist Elemore Morgan Jr. on what turned out to be the last day he painted before having heart surgery, which ultimately led to his passing. It speaks to me personally because it captures the color palette that Elemore saw when painting. It is closest I ever came to photographing what could be an Elemore painting.

  • Instruments on gate in River Ranch, a traditional neighborhood development in Lafayette, LA
  • Flatiron Building New York

    Morning sun illuminates the front of the Flatiron building in New York City.

  • Pathway Station at ground zero in New York, NY

    The new Pathway Station, designed by Santiago Calatrava, is reflected in the wall of the visitor's center at Ground Zero in New York.

  • Interior multi-level glass cone at Galeries Lafayette store in Berlin, Germany

    Black hole in a shopping center? Hardly, Galeries Lafayette store in central Berlin is an architectural wonder with its interior multi-floor glass cone.

  • Marinsky Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia

    Interior view of the famed Marinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, Russia. The theatre is a historic theatre of opera and ballet in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Opened in 1860, it became the preeminent music theatre of late 19th-century Russia.

  • Old State Capitol Rotunda in Baton Rouge, LA

    Original staircase leads up to the second floor and the building's rotunda. Old State Capitol was completed in the 1840s.

  • LSU Light, Cypremort Point, LA

    The LSU lamp hangs in a private residence in Cypremort Point off the coast of near Franklin, LA.

  • Prayer Chapel, Marksville, LA

    A small prayer chapel rests behind the Hypoilite Bordelon House in Marksville. The chapel was originally located in a cemetery located near St. Joseph's Catholic Church. The purple hues in the room are natural, having come for the red and blue tinted windows.

  • House trailer on stilts, Old River, LA

    A vintage house trailers sits atop metal supports along Old River Lake near Batchelor, LA, The lake was once on the Mississippi River's path. Its water levels still rise and fall with the river, hence the metal stilts.

  • Nottoway Plantation shutters

    Freshly painted wiindow shutters dry along the perimeter fence in front of Nottoway Plantation, near Plaquemines, LA.

  • Dormitory Demolition and Construction, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA

    In 2011, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette went through a building transformation for dormitories. Workers were engaged in ground preparation for new dorms while demolishers removed the old building.

  • Aerial view of downtown St Martinville, LA with Bayou Teche flowing past the historic town.
  • March camps along Grand Bayou, LA near Port Sulphur, LA.

    Grand Bayou is a village in the marsh several miles south of the Mississippi River in Plaquemines Paish, LA

  • Atchafalaya River at Melvile, LA

    A boat breaks the quiet of a foggy morning along the Atchafalaya River at Melville, LA.

  • Southwest Pass Mississippi River

    Two freighters pass each other at the mouth of the Mississippi River at Southwest Pass.

  • Computer Guided cutting tool

    A computer-controlled, cutting device at KB Industries machine shop near Shriever, LA is part of a large oil industry manufacturing network that creates custom pipe pieces out of steel cylinders.

  • Footprint in Sand

    A footprint in wind-blown sand at Pevitone Beach, a nature preserve near Holly Beach, LA.