Queue 'Projects-Vintage Black and White'

  • Mamou Talk

    Two gentlemen visit on the streets of Mamou, LA, a town well know for its traditional Cajun lifestyle.

  • St. John Oaks, St. Martinville, LA

    A tractor hauling wagons full of sugar cane travels under a canopy of live oaks near St. John Levert Sugar Mill in St. Martin Parish, LA.

  • Hoop net fisherman, Bayou Benoit, LA

    J. E. Bonin, hangs on to his hoop net full of fish as he hauls them into his boat while fishing near Bayou Benoit, LA. The photograph was taken in 1978.

  • Wedding Couple, Abbeville, LA

    Walter and Effie Landry arrive at a carriage after they performed their wedding vows during a ceremony conmducted completely in French. The photograph was taken in 1975.

  • Claude Roy, Rice Farmer, Indian Bayou, LA

    Claude Roy, a rice farmer from Indian Bayou, smiles after a day of harvesting his rice crop. The photograph was taken in 1978.

  • Family Boucherie, Youngsville, LA

    Gersie Hebert prepares boudin during a family boucherie at their home in Youngsville, LA

  • Ronald and Linwood Cheramie, shrimpers

    Ronald Cheramie and his dad Linwood talk while they trawl the local marshes for shrimp on their vintage boat. The dad once commented in an interview, "if you go out and catch a lot every day, that means you know what the shrimp are doing. I know where they're going. I'll know where they will be the next day. When I come home I'll watch the tide. You also have to watch the wind. On the day after a north wind, it's going to be a good day."

  • Dennis Mc Gee serenades the Ragin' Cajun Football team

    In 1983, Cajun Fiddler and musical pioneer, Dennis McGee was honored as Honorary Dean of Cajun Music at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now University of Louisiana). To help commemorate the occasion be posed in a photo op with Ragin' Cajun football players. Mc Gee's career as a Cajun Fiddler was long and noteworthy. He was one of the first Cajun fiddlers to break the racial segregation barrier when he recorded with Creole accordionist Amadée Ardoin. He has also played over the years with Cajun fiddler Sady Courville.

  • Michael Doucet and Dennis McGee

    Cajun fiddler Dennis McGee plays his first hit from 1928 for a ethnomusicology class at USL (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette) in 1982. Accompanying him is Michael Doucet, a student of Mr. McGee and leader of the Cajun group Beausoleil.

  • Savoy Doucet Cajun Band

    A photo taken of Michael Doucet, Marc and Ann Savoy, the Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band in 1982.

  • Will and Dewey Balfa

    Cajun Fiddlers Will and Dewey Balfa play a gig at the Woodmen of the World Hall in Basile, LA.

  • Church Point Cajun Queen

    A young man dances with the Church Point Cajun Queen at a music festival.

  • Widows and Miller High Life

    Two widows dance to a Cajun band at the Blue Moon Dance Hall in New Iberia, LA.

  • Benefit Dance Blue Moon Club New Iberia, LA

    Aldus Roger plays accordion with Philip Alleman on fiddle at a benefit dance at the Blue Moon Dance Hall in New Iberia, LA. Items on the table were to be auctioned to raise funds. The photograph was taken back in 1978.

  • Mardi Gras Gumbo

    A cook stirs a gumbo in the kitchen at the Saddle Tramp Club in Church Point, LA. The gumbo was served to all the riders who participated in that day's Courir de Mardi Gras or tradition Cajun Mardi Gras run.

  • Cajun Wedding Dance, Kaplan

    Chester Landry dances with his daughter Jeannelle Romero at her wedding reception held at Red's Cajun Club near Kaplan, LA. By custom, money is pinned on the bride and groom for an honor of dance on such an occasion.

  • Sunday Afternoon Dance

    Folks gather at the Blue Moon Dance Hall in New Iberia, LA for a Sunday afternoon dance. The club closed in 1978. The building was leveled soon after.

  • Cajun Traiteur

    Madame Louisianaise Daigle, a traiteur from Nina, LA near Henderson. stands by her novina candles in her home. In her day she had clients from across the U.S. as well as next door in her rural St. Martin Parish community.

  • Start of Bush Track Horse Race

    While the young jockey hangs on to the reigns, owners try to calm an excited horse before the start of a race at Carencro Raceways, a bush track in Carencro, LA.

  • Carencro Raceways, Carencro, LA

    Two horses emerge from the starting gate in a scratch race at the historic bush track in Carencro, LA. The photograph was taken in 1979. The track closed in the early 1980s.

  • Winner's Circle at Carencro Raceways.

    A winning horse and jockey find themselves in a makeshift winner's after a race at Carenco Raceways.

  • Winner's at Carencro Raceways.

    Two gentlemen, confident of victory, wave theirs arms as the stratch race ends at Carencro Raceways.

  • Clifton Chenier, King of Zydeco, 1975

    Clifton Chenier plays the 1975 Tribute to Cajun Music, the predecessor of Lafayette's Festivals Acadiens et Creoles, in Lafayette, LA.

  • Mance Lipscomb Funeral, Navasota, Texas

    Town folks gather outside the church after a funeral service for Texas blues singer Mance Lipscomb. The photo was taken in 1977.

  • Rope swing,

    Folks swing out over the Whisky Chitto River on a rope swing. The name was changed in 1963 from Ouiski Chitto Creek, a native Choctaw term meaning big cane creek.

  • Edwin Edwards Enters Paris, 1984

    After his historic election to a third term as Governor in 1983, Edwin Edwards (EWE) organized a fundraising trip to Paris, France the following January 1984, inviting friends and supporters before he took office. The photograph shows EWE headed towards the Arch de Triumph as his bus makes way to the group's hotel nearby. Approximately 600 joined the Governor for a week in the City of Lights and elsewhere.

  • Music on the Metro

    Two people play and sing in front of a large advertisement in the Metro Charles de Gaulle in Paris, France.

  • Frank Zappa at Breakfast, Dallas, Texas

    Just as the newspaper reporter, during an interview, asked Frank Zappa about his most often asked question, the waitress chimed in "would you like grits or hashbrowns with your eggs?" Frank's answer was presented for the reporter as serendipitously as the eggs themselves. The rock star was in Dallas for a concert.

  • Bruce Springsteen 1980, Winterland, San Francisco, CA

    Bruce Springsteen performs at Winterland, a famed rock music hall in San Francisco, CA, in 1980.

  • Sheep Judging at the Texas State Fair, Dallas.

    A family looks on intently while their sheep are presented for judging at the Livestock Pavillion of the Texas State Fair. The photo was taken in 1975.

  • Wrestling at Mickey Gilley's Club

    Two wrestlers carry their battle outside the rink during a match at Mickey Gilley's Club near Houston, TX. The photograph was taken for the Day in the Life of America Project back in 1986.

  • Pissing Viking

    Caption one: A viking, lost in a time warp, finds himself face to face with a modern urinal in Dallas, Texas.
    Caption two: The mascot for the Minnesota Vikings urinates during the halftime of a Dallas Cowboys/Vikings playoff game in 1977.