Queue 'Portfolio-Panorama'

  • E. Joseph Savoie

    UL Lafayette President E. Joseph "T-Joe" Savoie

  • Ramesh Kolluru

    UL Lafayette VP for Research Ramesh Kolluru

  • James Henderson

    UL Lafayette Provost James Henderson

  • Tanecia Arceneaux

    UL Director of Diversity Tanecia Arceneaux

  • Ann Dobie

    Lafayette Author Ann Dobie

  • Darrel Bourque

    Fmr. Louisiana Poet Laureate Darrell Bourque

  • Molly


  • Herbert Schilling

    Herbert Schilling with some of the product he distributes in the Lafayette, LA area.

  • Juan Tejeda

    TexMex Folklorist Juan Tejeda at home in San Antonio, TX

  • Stop the Clock Pub Photo

    Stop the Clock Texas Swing Band

  • Russell Whiting Metal Sculpture

    Russell Whiting stands with several figures that will eventually stand as one statue at Southeastern Louisiana University

  • Welder

    A welder at a shipyard near New Iberia, LA

  • Pipe Threads

    Oil Well pipe

  • Metal cutter

    The diamond shaped cutter touching the metal does all the heavy work at K&B Industries in Schriever, LA

  • Tanks

    Tanks at Marathon Oil Refinery in Chalmette, LA

  • Rice Dryer

    Rice Drying in Abbeville, LA

  • Boiling Crawfish

    Steam rises from crawfish as they enter the boiling water and their fate as a delicious Louisiana delicacy.

  • Arugula and Manchego Salad

    A popular dish at Lafayette's leading Tapas Bar.

  • Beer

    New Belgium Beer at Fort Collins brewery